Tackling the future

Web - Dynamic Data Driven


GMG is the first Doubleclick Certified Marketing Partner in Italy for Creative Productions.

The digital division is our excellence at worldwide level, we master HTML5 and Dynamic Data Driven technology, achieving international awards and certifications.


Tailored messages to the public.

We have successfully implemented the 3D PLANNING, Dynamic Data Driven technology which uses dynamic contents in HTML5 rich media, updated according to the digital users’ information.

Straight to the target.

It is possible to set up a series of target profiling variables, on which the creativity updates at the time when a certain user see it. The Ad is personalized on each individual user, or rather for each single impression.

Profiling segmentation.

Profiling is refined over time, both automatically by the system and analysing of the collected datas, in order to increase profiling segmentation in the medium / long term.