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Starting from May the 1st 2017, GMG has become Google DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner

The DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner program was launched by Google with the aim of putting advertisers in contact with marketing experts to make the best use of DoubleClick. DoubleClick only partners with the best companies, all partners are hand-selected and highly vetted, in order to help clients succeed. In few words, the DCMP Badge means you’re working with the best.

GMG is currently the only Creative Doubleclick Certified Marketing Partner in Italy.

DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner Badge - Vertical Transparent


Tailored messages to the audiences

Dynamic Data Driven Planning uses dynamic content banners developed in HTML5 Rich Media, to deliver ads with relevant content to each user. Creativity changes its elements in real time, such as logos, images, CTAs, animations, videos, URLs and all the main aspects of creativity. A new way to target ads and apply dynamic prospecting and remarketing, by programming a series of Driven Data variables, such as those listed below.


3d planning


Age and gender, social status, language.


Search and use mobile app, social network, search and Youtube views, phone carriers.


Forecast, TV programming, financial markets, live sports event update.


Offer update, subject/visual change, landing change, URL of campaign.


Search and use mobile app, social network, search and Youtube views, phone carriers.


Online search, browser sites and favorites, contextual keyword, in market segmentation. 


The new way to drive videos

Videolizer® technology allows to create a huge number of video declinations and to dynamize its contents without compromising the quality level of the outputs. The video will have dynamic elements such as images, text, audio and video effects, animations, clip editing and more. Dynamic Videos can be used on different online channels, for example for pre-roll strategies or programmatic planning, but also offline on DOOH campaigns or other classic ATL channels.