Alitalia Communication Tool


Comfort Seats, the Millemiglia Program and Extra Baggage; these are just some of the services offered by Alitalia to all its customers.

We conceptualized the project and managed the production of all the video content from beginning to end. The idea was to introduce users to Alitalia’s services in a easy, fresh and intuitive way.


The Project

GMG developed the video content used to illustrate the services offered by Alitalia and to explain their advantages to the viewers.  We chose the director and actor, studied the format and script, selected the props, and handled the production work for the videos’ graphics, special effects and audio.  We created a storyboard to show the client through graphic representation our idea and the mood and style of the videos.

In order to seamlessly match the movement of the actor with the videos’ graphics we utilized the latest video editing and graphic software for color correction, VFX implementation, and audio/visual post-production work.



The Concept

The video was designed to reflect Alitalia’s communication style; institutional but friendly at the same time.

The script’s content was developed with extreme care to maximize viewer comprehension, and its tone of voice was crafted to communicate directly with viewers in a light and ironic tone; with each video showcasing a different service offered by Alitalia.




Our copywriter, creative director, account manager, and visual designer were all on set during filming to supervise and collaborate with the production company and to ensure the project stayed in line with Alitalia’s objectives.