Mediaset Infinity

Arthur Curry is the half-Atlantean half-human prince of Atlantis, famously known as Aquaman. He possesses superhuman strength and the abilities to manipulate water, communicate with aquatic life, and swim at supersonic speeds. Aquaman will have to fight to become king of the submersed nation of Atlantis.

For the launch of Aquaman on Infinity Tv, GMG developed the creatives and strategies for reaching the right audiences and incentivising them to engage with Infinity’s various Aquaman content.



The Project

For Infinity Tv, GMG Production developed advertising content for all major media channels including social media and Addressable TV. Addressable TV is a digital advertising format that allows marketers to target select TV audience segments and display a variety of ads within a common program or navigation screen on the TV. For example, before the Aquaman film premiere on Infinity, we created interactive digital graphics which would redirect users to a dedicated microsite featuring the official movie trailer and further information about Aquaman.