Emporio Armani FW 2019

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani’s latest marketing campaign, shot by Lachlan Bailey, is a tribute to the city of Milan and the roots of the brand.



The project

GMG Production managed the planning and development of all the content for the EA FW19 digital campaign.

Before entering production, the GMG team analyzed Armani’s marketing funnel and then developed different formats for each of the three phases of the funnel: 1 awareness, 2 consideration, and 3 conversion.

For the awareness phase, the general concept of the EA FW19 campaign was revealed through video banners. For the consideration phase, the content focus was on the photoshoot of the model and products; in this case GMG utilized miniclip banners, galleries, and interscrollers. For the final conversion phase, by utilizing engaging formats such as the interscroller format used for EA EYEWEAR, the content was designed to encourage the user to click the advert and ‘discover more’ about the products.

For each phase of the funnel, GMG Production created and utilized the most performing formats to engage users throughout the customer journey.