Galaxy S9 | S9+


GMG had a challenging objective for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+; develop a Youtube Pre-Roll multi-subject campaign that focuses on the new smartphone’s Super Slow Motion feature, achieves maximum engagement from the target audience and encourages the user to not hit the dreaded skip ad button.

Multi-subject Pre-roll ads

We designed the ads to open with 5 seconds of black screen, a peculiar sound effect, and the a dedicated CopyAD, e.i. ‘Do you think it’s a roaring lion?’, with the aim to engage and intrigue the audience.
After the 5 second intro, the ads reveal a clip, shot at 960fps with the Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+’s Super Slow Motion feature, of the sound’s unexpected source. The ads then concluded with a call to action and a packshot of the phone.




All the campaign’s slow mo clips were directed by rising Italian star Valerio Rufo, shot on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ , and were unaltered by any kind of additional effects or lenses to showcase the cinematic potential of the new phone.