OCTO Finissimo

With its characteristic octagonal shape, the Octo watch by Bvlgari subverts the canons of tradition, marking the time with its perfect geometry. This is Bvlgari’s tribute to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and his extraordinary inventions.

GMG enhances the characteristics of these extraordinary modern-day masterpieces, thanks to an animation that combines the techniques of motion 3D, VFX, video editing and compositing, giving life to a mechanism that combines technique, perfection and elegance.


Lucea, Serpenti and Divas Dream collections

A united revival, a contemporary rebirth, a majestic reincarnation and a gleaming rejuvenation. Bvlgari’s watches for men and women presented by the new print and digital campaign, requires attention from those who are passionate about design, style and elegance